What Does Find Your 100 Mean?

What drives you? What sparks your passion or creativity? Why are you pursuing your line of work? What does it mean to Find Your 100? 

The Find Your 100 campaign is dedicated to creativity and the 100% commitment that artists and designers give to their passion. We want to recognize our thriving community and help those creatives just beginning their journey. 

How Can I Participate?
  • Make stuff. Create something new. Share your work on social!
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  • Do the monthly #FindYour100 Challenge.
  • Attend the 100% Festival here in L.A. this November.
  • Submit your work to our call for 100 Projects.
  • Take a workshop in a field you are interested in, check out Otis College Extension's current courses.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

close up of fashion illustration
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