How to have your creative work shown in LA

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Los Angeles affords an incredible amount of opportunities to have your work publicly displayed or celebrated. Use the resources below to find new galleries or art spaces in the city to submit your work, whether you’re a photographer, painter, or writer.

skyline of Los Angeles at dusk
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These are but a sampling of the city’s many artistic spaces, but it’s a good place to start!

ArtShare L.A.
This cool downtown art gallery hosts multiple exhibits and events, including the ongoing un::fade::able reading series hosted by B.A. Williams (MFA Writing ’18). It’s also a collaborative space for artists to interact and display their artwork, allowing experienced artists to be hung beside emerging artists.

Arts for L.A.
According to the website, Arts for LA is “a voice for the arts in Greater Los Angeles that informs, engages, and mobilizes individuals and organizations to advocate for access to the arts across all communities.” The website also includes an invaluable resource that lists artist calls across the country. You can also filter by category of artistic endeavor, including Literature, Performance, Studio Art, and Other.

The Billboard Creative
A uniquely Angeleno opportunity, this collective makes use of L.A.’s ubiquitous billboards by replacing advertising with art. The Billboard Creative accepts a variety of submission types--according to the website, “if you can put it on a digital file, we can put it on a billboard.”

California Arts Council
A statewide agency that lists open calls for submissions, this database is invaluable for anyone creatively minded. With a variety of galleries in different areas throughout California, along with easily sortable deadlines, you’re sure to find a handful of places to submit your work.

Dab Art
Technically located in Ventura, this gallery hosts frequent open calls for submissions for a variety of different types of art: paintings, drawings, sculptures, printmaking, photography, installations, and digital art.

L.A. Art Guide
The LA Art Guide is a comprehensive online guide for Los Angeles area artists. It includes galleries and spaces looking for artist submission in Los Angeles, yes, but as far north as Santa Barbara and Ojai, and as far east as Palm Springs. Along with submissions, it also includes links to artist associations and courses in the areas.


Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash