How to find free creative events in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a city of neverending color, creativity, and culture, but it can be intimidating to know where to start. We’ve created a guide to resources to help you start finding free or cheap creative events, exhibitions, and more in the City of Angels.

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  1. Curate LA: Curate LA is, in its own words, “a map of the Los Angeles art community.” Sign up for the weekly newsletter to receive notices about a selection of the newest shows on display in our city delivered to your inbox. The website offers a more comprehensive map of all current galleries and shows on display by neighborhood.

  2. Museum calendars: An oldie but a goodie—it’s worth keeping on top of the calendars of local museums to stay on top of events and exhibits. The LACMA calendar and Facebook events page provide coverage of the museum’s many free events, including showings, classes, and exhibits. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check The Broad, The Hammer, The Getty, Descanso Gardens...we could go on!

  3. DoLA: Not everything in DoLA is free, but the daily newsletter does provide a ton of information on under the radar events and happenings in LA, all geared toward a younger, more creative mindset. The website event hosts a free events section, listing free events every day in all different parts of the city.

  4. We Like L.A.: Don’t hate on the old-school format of the newsletters from We Like L.A.—it’s often the host of the best freebies and hidden gems you’ll find in the city! Sign up for the daily newsletter and every day you’ll get the top 10 activities in the city. Sign up for the weekly newsletter and you’ll get roundups of the best thing to do every week and weekend. There’s a reason this is called the number 1 newsletter of LA!

  5. Eventbrite LA: One of the most helpful tools for finding free events in LA, Eventbrite allows you to look for all different types of events easily. Eventbrite offers all sorts of events, mostly geared towards classes and workshops, that creatives in the mood to switch up their routine can check out. 

  6. LA Weekly: This free alternative newspaper offers a weekly roundup online of the best things to do every week. Not every event is free, and not every event is focused on creativity and the arts, but we guarantee that you’ll find things to do here you won’t find anywhere else.

  7. 5 Every Day: Download this free app to your phone to get five interesting things to do in LA, every day. Each day includes an artistic event, a place to explore in the city, a new restaurant to try, a musical event or happening, and finally, the amazing wildcard, which could be just about anything. For those new to LA, or looking to reconnect with their city, this is the perfect way to fall in love with its vibrant culture all over again.


Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash