#FindYour100 October Challenge
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These monthly creative challenges are open-ended assignments for anyone and everyone to try out!

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Ready to get in on the #FindYour100 Challenge?

  1. Read this month's challenge below. 
  2. Create something in response!
  3. Snap a photo and post to instagram or twitter using the hashtag #FindYour100. 

October's Challenge: 

Using any medium, document your activities throughout the course of one day. For example, you could take an image of every location you go to, create drawings or doodles of the things you see, record a couple seconds of each conversation you have, or free write for a few minutes every hour on the hour.

Wherever you take the assignment, observe how this experience alters your day. Does it change how you spend your time? How could you present this collection of moments to others? 

Meet the Challenger:

This month’s #FindYour100 Challenge comes from Moira Connelly, a Los Angeles painter and Academic Coordinator for the Foundation Department at Otis College of Art and Design.

Photo by Rachael Crowe on Unsplash