#FindYour100 January Challenge
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These monthly creative challenges are open-ended assignments for anyone and everyone to try out!

photography by  Matthew Penkala

Ready to get in on the #FindYour100 Challenge?

  1. Read this month's challenge below. 
  2. Create something in response!
  3. Snap a photo and post to social media using the hashtag #FindYour100. 

January's Challenge: 

haiku |ˈˌko͞o| 

noun (pl.same or haikus
a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

Create a visual haiku with images you take, have taken, or come across in your daily digital life. The idea is to take the idea of a haiku and apply it to visual representation where instead of 3 rhetorical lines of five, seven, and five, bring together 3 images, that may or may not be visually cohesive, and post them to the social media app of your choice. You can either stitch them together in photoshop or post them as multiple images on Instagram.

These images can be thematically based on anything- there is no right or wrong. These images can follow any logic or connecting device, they can create a linear or non-linear visual narrative- just employ the idea of three lines/images of 5-7-5 and however, you would interpret that into imagery. Please tag all visual haiku’s with #visualhaiku. 

Meet the Challenger:

This month’s #FindYour100 Challenge comes from Matthew Penkala, a Los Angeles based photographer and painter. Fascinated by language, Matthew seeks to take the history of visual language by the neck and break it over his knee. Not for the sake of being polemic, but to see what can happen while abiding by the dictum “It doesn’t have to make sense.”

Image: Example of a Visual Haiku by Matthew Penkala.